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AC Milan Facing Huge Waves As Three Negotiations On The Line With Mino Raiola

Donnarumma, Bonaventura and Ibrahimovic on the line.

Award Football Leader 2018 Photo by Paolo Manzo/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Nico Schira is drawing attention to Mino Raiola and a wealth of negotiations on the table between the agent and AC Milan these coming months. The agent represents Giacomo Bonaventura who contract is set to expire in the summer, Gianluigi Donnaruma who has a year on his contract and Zlatan Ibrahimovic who signed a 6 month contract and is due to discuss possible extensions.

The agent has significant bargaining power considering he represents the core of the Milan side including Captain Alessio Romagnoli alongside the rest. Raiola had an open spat with the former management and the fans when Donnarumma last renewed his contract. The situation should be monitored by fans over the coming months as a number of key players are on the line.