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Serie A To Create Uniform Font For Player Names and Numbers From 2020/21

The league will follow the lead of the Premier League to standardise the typography used by clubs.

AC Milan v Juventus - Coppa Italia: Semi Final Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Calcio e Finanza are reporting that there will be changes to the match jerseys in Serie A starting the 2020-21 season. Serie A will look to standardise the typography on the back of shirts thus all player names and numbers will have the same font going forward regardless of the teams. This will seek to limit errors, and difficulty reading fonts both in the stadiums and on television. The Serie A is looking to adopt the trend of the Premier League in this regard who have used common typography on their jerseys since 1997.

The front of the shirts will also change as shirt sponsors will have to be on the shirt without a border thus teams like Napoli (Lete) will see significant changes. Serie A will draw up the unique typography for the jerseys starting next season. Thus AC Milan technical sponsor Puma will no longer design and supply the name and number sets.