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AC Milan CEO Gazidis Is Reportedly Weeks Away From Announcing Major Commercial Deals

Gazidis could have an ace up his sleeve as a report indicates he may have secured multiple commercial agreements.

Ivan Gazidis, executive of AC Milan, gestures prior to the... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

La Repubblica via are reporting that CEO Ivan Gazidis in the coming weeks is set to announce a number of commercial agreements with companies that are regarded to be of global importance. The deals are expected to be sponsorships that spur the revenues of the club given the record losses posted last year and generally in the past decade. The proliferation of commercial revenue was a key goal of Gazidis when he joined AC Milan but has not had much success yet.

As we reported here last week, the new deal with Emirates is expected to be lower than the previous agreement and even lower than a deal Emirates are signing with Lyon. The outlook of commercial revenues will be crucial to assess the performances of Gazidis as the CEO.