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Rossoneri Round Up for Dec 8: New Details Emerge On The Proposal For AC Milan's Nuovo Stadio Milano

Summary of Milan’s news and links for the day.

AC Milan

Il Giorno via Sempre Milan have provided an update on the Nuovo Stadio Milano project which AC Milan and Inter Milan have proposed to the City Council of Milan.

The volumetric index will be set at 0.51% (the area they are allowed to build in) compared to the initial request of 0.63% from the ownership of the two clubs, a compromise when considering that the Council were only initially willing to grant 0.35%.

The new multifunctional district, made up of a stadium, a 152-meter tower (29 floors), four hotels and office buildings, should cost €79.9m. With an area that can be used 365 days a year, revenues should reach €131m which is higher than the €124m initially assumed.

Two stands (a side and a Curva) will remain of the current San Siro, with a tower to be constructed that will house the museum of Milan and Inter.

Calcio e Finanza are reporting the current favourite is Populous’ design entitled The Cathedral.

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