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Rossoneri Round Up for Dec 31: AC Milan Could Lose Some Millions As Tax Break Is Overturned In Italy

Summary of Milan’s news and links for the day.

Italian Workers Could Ask 1000 Euros Bonus Photo Illustration by Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Sempre Milan are reporting that AC Milan could lose out on quite a bit of money as the Revenue Agency of Italy has published a document stating that the tax break provided for sportspeople in the 2019 Growth Decree is not applicable for the moment.

The government has raised a motion to withdraw the growth decree rule which will result in foreign players signed after August 2019 not to receive the 50% tax break earlier announced.

The 50% income tax in Italy for the highest earners will thus apply in full as opposed to the previously announced halving of this rate by half to 25%. Milan will have to bear this cost for their players as the gross salary is affected and is borne by the company.

The report goes on to add that Milan could lose 7-8 million euros this season as a result.

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