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Agent Of AC Milan Right Back Discusses His Future Amid Difficult Season

The defender is facing a lot of competition and it will be tough to fight for time.

AC Milan v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Massimiliano Ferraro/NurPhoto via Getty Images spoke to the agent of AC Milan right back Andrea Conti on his future. The right back has struggled with injuries and consistent playing time since joining the club and is finding it hard to break past a resurgent Davide Calabria and an exciting Diogo Dalot this season.

Here is what Mario Giuffredi had to say:

How is Conti? Is a move expected in January?

“Well definitely not, because last year he always played under Pioli, he was the owner, then he had an operation where he cleaned his knee at the end of July. The season then began, it took him some time to recover and in the meantime Calabria took the place as a starter, Davide is doing very well now. Conti is a bit disappointed, let’s see what will happen.”

Is it possible that he could move in January?

“If you ask me what we will do I don’t know, for me Conti is a daily dilemma. I get up in the morning and think of Conti, for one simple reason, because last year he proved to be a Milan player, he came with a thousand problems.

“Trying to find continuity elsewhere when he has shown that he is a Milan-worthy player would bother me. But if it stays there and continues like this until June it means that we have made a hole in the water. Conti is a question mark, we think about it every day.”

Has he had several loan offers in the past few months?

“He corrected himself, he had many. But Pioli has always given us guarantees, he is a player he considers. In January we will do some evaluations and see what happens.”

Over the past year Conti has been linked with Parma, Fiorentina and Torino but nothing concrete has been brought forth.