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AC Milan Looking To Close Renewal Deal For Young Goalkeeper and Vice Captain

Milan are at a critical juncture as the keeper should not be lost at any cost.

AC Milan v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images are reporting that AC Milan's management are closing in on a renewal deal for vice captain and symbol Gianluigi Donnarumma. The young goalkeeper is a cult hero at the club for his unbelievable performances from such a young age and his emergence from the Primavera. Milan encountered a terrible situation when his contract was up a few years leading to a horror showdown between the fans, the keeper, his agent and the management. This will need to be avoided at all costs this time and the good performances of the side can likely help with this.

Mino Raiola was photographed with Milan's management in the past week likely discussing the renewal. Donnarumma is widely reported to want to remain with the club. The final details seem to be missing to close this deal, the feeling is positive but the situation needs to be resolved as soon as possible as the contract of his towering keeper expires in the summer.