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Milan Player Ratings: Milan 3-2 Lazio

A late goal catapults Milan back to the top of the table

AC Milan v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

In the last match before the Christmas break, AC Milan had to face a tough opponent in Lazio. Milan were lucky enough to have some players return from injury but not fortunate enough to have Franck Kessie on the pitch. Milan didn't score in six seconds like last match. Instead, it took them just nine minutes to open up the scoring with an Ante Rebic header. In the 17th minute Milan doubled their lead off a penalty shot from Hakan Calhanoglu. Milan were on fire again in the first half. Lazio got a glimmer of hope as they were given a questionable penalty in the 27th minute. Immobile stepped up but Gigo saved the shot. However Luis Alberto pounced on the rebound and headed in a goal for Lazio. At the half Milan were still up one.

In the second half Lazio dominated a lot of the possession and they looked at though they would be the next ones to score. Not surprisingly in the 59th minute Lazio did score with a beautiful finish from Immobile. With 30 minutes left Milan had to dig deep and fight for a win. Milan had their fair share of chances to take the lead but near misses and saves from Pepe Reina stopped them from doing so. However, in the 90th minute Hakan Calhanoglu flung in a beautiful cross from the corner and Theo Hernandez buried the header home. Milan scored and both the fans and team went into a frenzy. Heading into the winter break Milan still sit at the top of the table.


Gianluigi Donnarumma: Gigio had good moments in this match, including the penalty save. One thing I did notice is that he was timid coming out on crosses. Gigio has a big body and he needs to make his presence felt in his area. 6.5/10

Davide Calabria: Calabria was solid again. He has really stepped up his game this year and he has locked down the right back position. Cannot really complain. 7/10

Pierre Kalulu: I thought that Kalulu played well again. The penalty was not his mistake because I don't believe it was a penalty at all. On the second goal however he did get outplayed by Immobile but overall he played well. 6.5/10

Alessio Romagnoli: Usually against bigger teams Romagnoli has some lacklustre performances but against Lazio he was fantastic. When Kalulu would be aggressive Alessio sat back and covered for him perfectly. 7/10

Theo Hernandez: Theo to the rescue again. At this point can I say anything more about him. He is so dynamic and helps Milan so much on both ends now after improving defensively. At the start he had some trouble with Lazzari but that quickly went away. 7.5/10

Rade Krunic: Rade was one of two players that had a rough night. He was careless on the ball at times and his tackling was questionable. 5/10

Sandro Tonali: Sandro was ok for me, nothing amazing but good enough. He didn't stand out as very good or very bad. He tried to make some passes and made a few good tackles but struggled in other aspects. 6/10

Alexis Saelemaekers: It was a rough night for Saelemaekers. His touch on the ball was very off, leading him to waste so many chances. Of course, he worked hard as always but that offensive skill needs to be there. 5.5/10

Hakan Calhanoglu: This was a Hakan master class. He was not only involved in every Milan goal but he was vital to every Milan attack. I also want to mention his tracking back because that shouldn't go unnoticed. He was great and helped the defence when they were in trouble. 8.7/10

Ante Rebic: I thought Ante played much better on the wing and good for him that he scored. However he was still wasteful both on scoring chances and possession. Ante could have had a hat trick in this match if he finished. 6.5/10

Rafael Leao: In the past two games Leao has started off hot but then has seemingly vanished after 25 minutes or so. He still needs to progress at a striker. 6/10


Samu Castillejo: Samu came in and played similar to Saelemaekers as they ran and gave their all on the defensive end. To his credit this was vital for Milan. 6/10

Jans Petter Hauge: Hauge was better against Lazio. He had some nice link up play with Hakan and Theo. Plus he could have gotten a hockey assist if Rebic finished. 6/10

Diogo Dalot: N/A

Daniel Maldini: N/A