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Official: AC Milan Launch Manifesto For Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The club takes a stand and reaffirms it's long standing commitment.

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AC Milan

AC Milan via their website have announced he launch of a new manifesto aimed at tackling discrimination called RESPACT. The manifesto highlights Milan's long term vision to tackle all forms of prejudice and discrimination. The key pillars of the manifesto include: Awareness, Education, Prevention and Collaboration.

Milan's CEO Gazidis said on the launch:

“Equity, diversity and inclusion are the very cornerstones of the Club’s purpose and long-term vision as well as fundamental human values that can help to drive positive social change.”

“AC Milan is for everyone, just like football. We will do everything possible to mitigate prejudice and discrimination of all kinds and in all circumstances, to nurture more positive attitudes and behaviours within our game and our community.”

“We hope our proposals can be a source of inspiration to others – to drive significant cultural change will require us all to work together.”

The line is inspired by and intends to reinforce the messages included in UEFA’s ‘Respect’ campaign, whilst also highlighting the necessity for stakeholders at all levels to act in a concrete way in order to drive cultural change.