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AC Milan Are Looking To Purchase The Casa Milan Building By The End Of The Year

Milan are looking to add to their assets and this could play in to the revenue model similarly to the new stadium.


Calcio e Finanza are reporting that AC Milan are looking to buy their club headquarters ‘Casa Milan’ on via Aldo Rossi which was inaugurated in 2014. The building hosts a number of Milan premises such as the official store, the ticket office, a restaurant and the Mondo Milan Museum. Elliot Management have green lit the purchase of the building as it aligns with their vision for the club as the move would lead to a reduction of costs and a increase of the held assets.

The report notes that Milan set up a new company named Casa Milan SRL in November to buy the property from Vittoria Assicurazioni. The new company is owned by Milan Entertainment (99%) and AC Milan SpA (1%). Milan spent 15.6 million euros to rent the Casa Milan property between 2014 and 2020. The annual cost is about 2.4 million euros. The report also adds that approximately 6 million euros have been invested into the areas of the building.