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AC Milan President Paolo Scaroni Provides An Update On The Stadium Project

A 2021 start is desired with a goal to be completed ahead of the 2026 Winter Olympics.

‘Uno Stadio Per Milano’ Conference Photo by Pier Marco Tacca - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

AC Milan's President Paolo Scaroni spoke to the press on the Nuovo Stadio Milano project. Milan and Inter Milan had been accelerating but had some issues with the City Counciil. A new project has been presneted but no further information has come out. Here is what Scaroni said via

“I cannot imagine the Council can refuse an investment of 1.2 billion totally privately financed by foreign capital in this complicated economic time. I understand the affection for San Siro, but if one sees any modern stadium we are talking about something else. I consider the hypothesis that the Council refuses our project very remote.”

“The capacity will be around 65 thousand spectators. We have two projects, the final choice will be made immediately after the green light from the Council. The stadium will be beautiful and very modern. We will make it a point for tourism and entertainment. It doesn’t just depend on us. We will have to do a detailed design which will take several months.”

“If the Council gives us all the authorisations over the next 8/9 months we will begin. I already hope to be able to do it already next year. Imagining that works could begin next year, it could certainly be ready for the 2026 Games.”