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“A league I’ve never played in before”: Veró Boquete drops more hints as AC Milan move becomes imminent

One step closer / One step closeeeeeeeer

Utah Royals FC v Portland Thorns FC Photo by Sam Ortega/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Verónica Boquete appears to be edging closer and closer to a move to AC Milan.

The hints towards the move have been coming thick and fast within the past few days. The first bombshell was dropped during an interview with La Prórroga (a women’s football podcast).

The Spaniard shot down the notion that she would be playing in her native Spain again. Instead, she said that she would be “playing in a European league that I’ve never played in before.”

That league is most likely Serie A Femminile. The fact that Verónica has never played in Italy lends credence to this.

Her words also put to rest the rumors that she would join the other teams she was linked to, such as Real Madrid. Add to this the fact that Veró recently stated that she’d like to join a team that can “fight for titles”, “qualify for the Champions League” and that has an “ambitious project”, and all signs point to her joining Milan.

Real Madrid Femenino are not in a similar position, as they are currently seventh in La Liga Ibedrola. At the moment, they’re just trying to keep their heads above water.

Boquete has notched up an impressive array of accolades. She has won trophies while playing in Spain, Sweden, and Germany and has made an indelible impact while playing for teams in the US, France, and China. And yet, she has not done any of this in Italy.

When she moves to Milan, she can finally make this happen. The midfielder has a long and storied history and can add an exciting new chapter to it by playing in the Bel Paese.

‘I’m going back to Europe’

During an interview with El Patio (linked to above), the midfielder spoke of her plans for the future.

“Especially after this year, where we have already lost many months of being able to compete, I don’t want to go without playing. So no matter what, this season I’ll be going to back to Europe. Where, we’ll see soon.”

The interview was recorded on October 28th. Two days later, the Utah Royals FC offered her a new contract. To date, the player has not accepted their offer.

This is evidenced by the fact that the Royals did not list her among their protected players for the NWSL expansion draft. A few of the players the team chose not to protect are playing abroad, chief among them being Christen Press and Gunnhildur Jonsdottir. The two players are in Europe right now, with Press at Manchester United and Jonsdottir at Valur (Iceland).

The unprotected players are on stints overseas. The fact that Boquete is among them indicates that she might not be returning to the Royals anytime soon.

Verónica Boquete celebrates with Christen Press
Colter Peterson, Deseret News

Veró has also expressed her desire to have more playing time. At the moment, this seems less likely in the US due to the fact that the NWSL is in a state of flux. You just don’t know when the next season will begin for the league, or if there will even be one at all. The main catalyst for this seems to be how badly the country has handled the coronavirus crisis. With infection rates soaring in the US, the prospect of safely staging group sporting events becomes less likely. It’s hard to operate a league under these circumstances.

There is more stability in certain countries in Europe, with Italy being one of them. The current Serie A Femminile season is in full bloom, and the FIGC recently passed a series of measures that will help the league continue playing in the midst of the pandemic.

Moving to Milan will allow Boquete the have the playing time she desires. There are other positives to this move too, such as the exposure for playing for one of the world’s most storied clubs, and the fact that Milan is only a nine-hour flight away from her hometown.

(And yes, I may have taken the time to look up how long it would take to fly from Milan to Santiago de Compostela. Just ... maybe.)

As was noted before, Verónica is currently under quarantine in Milan as she prepares for her move to the team. The player also recently followed Christy Grimshaw on Instagram, thus giving us another clue that she’s on her way.

Once her quarantine period ends, then Veró will become a Rossonera.

And once that happens, be prepared to be awed by the awesomeness of the fact that one of the world’s greatest players will officially be ours.