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RAI To Premiere TV Show On In Depth Investigation Of AC Milan Ownership

Berlusconi to Li to Singer. But is there someone else behind the curtain?


Calcio Mercato via Sempre Milan are reporting that broadcaster RAI will premiere a show tonight of an in-depth investigation into the real owners of AC Milan after the multiple changes of ownership in recent years. The show has been pitched as an exposé but the information is said to be already out in the open.

According to the article, the following will be discussed:

1. That Milan are not owned by the Elliott Fund, nor by Paul Singer, but by the Luxembourg Project Redblack, where they channel the shares of two American limited companies and of D’Avanzo and Cerchione’s Blue Skye.

2. That the fact of not knowing the real owner of a football club is worrying for the League and the FIGC, as well as for other non-sporting institutions in the country.

3. That until we know the real origin of the funds that annually cover Milan’s huge budget losses, we will never be certain about the future of the Rossoneri.

4. That until the identity of the real owners of Milan is revealed, even the stadium project risks never seeing the light of day.

5. Whoever owns or is the owner of the club cannot be assumed to be willing to ‘lose’ money forever, even if they are Milan fans as the names of the two American companies would seem to suggest (King George Investment after George Weah and Genio Investment as a nod to Dejan Savicevic).