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LEAKED: AC Milan's Special Edition Jersey Partnering With Puma and BALR

The kit looks really clean.

FootyHeadlines are reporting that AC Milan and BALR have partnered to release a special edition jersey. Milan are looking at increased merchandising to boost their revenues and have been successful with one of jerseys in the past such as the limited edition commemorative shirt celebrating 120 years in 2019.

We reported on the leaks of the jersey here and have been anticipating in for months. There is still no word on the release but it has been spotted on Milan's new right back Diogo Dalot seemingly for the marketing campaign. Have a look at the mock up below:

The shirt seems to have a clean design. The sponsor is BALR. in black. The shirt is black with accented hexagons with red outlines fading in from the shoulders. The Puma logo is in red while the Milan bade appears without the Scudetto star. The mock up seems to have the logos printed on as opposed to embroidered.