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AC Milan CEO Discusses Four Point Strategy For The Future Of The Club

The focus is on modernisation and efficiency.

SS Lazio v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

AC Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis has set out his plan for the club to return to the top of Italian football with a four-point strategy. The onus is on making targeted investments in talented youth with the right combination of experience.

Gazidis spoke to Leaders in Sport via

“We must have a strategy that keeps our costs under control, while improving our performance on the pitch, through the use of of data analysis, scouting and through our resources, like Paolo Maldini.”

“In addition, we need a vertical football with young and technically strong players. It is said that the Italian league is for old players, but we have a team with a very low average age and with an age leader like Ibrahimovic.

“It’s a really young team. Last week we played in the Europa League qualifiers with a team average age of 23 years. This is a different type of approach and backed up with sports science, and we’re relaunching Milan Lab 2.0. The football side is a very clear direction.”

Point 1: Targeted recruitment with low costs.

Point 2: Stadium development

Point 3: Modernisation and digital advancement

Point 4: Shaping the new football landscape