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AC Milan Primavera Falter Again With A 1-0 Loss To Juventus At Home

1 win and 2 losses spells a difficult season ahead.

AC Milan

AC Milan Primavera faced Juventus in the derby yesterday but struggled to take control of the game. The Rossoneri youth fell 1-0 to their rivals with an 84th minute goal dealing them a harsh blow as they look to compete at the top of the Primavera 1 this season. Milan were caught out when the substitutes were brought on as the added pace in particular proved difficult to fend off. Di Gesu hit the post in the first half as the Rossoneri threatened the Juventus goal a number of times but lacked the decisive finish.

Giunti will need to work with his side to pick them back up after their second consecutive loss in the league after falling to Atalanta a week or so ago. The attack seems to be a particular issue as they have scored just once in three opening games. Milan now enter the international break and will face Torino next away from home.