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Rossoneri Round Up for Oct 31: AC Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis Discusses FFP, the Winter Mercato and the European Super League

Summary of Milan’s news for the day and links.

AC Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis looks on during the Serie A... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

AC Milan CEO Ivna Gazidis spoek to the press earlier this week giving key updates on the current standing of the club and the upcoming market. Here is what he had to say via MilanNews:

On FFP and Europe: “If we qualify for European competition for the 2021-22 season, our next evaluation will take place in October 2021. UEFA will examine the trend of recent years, eliminating the effects of COVID,”

“If the financial trend goes positively, we will discuss our path with the rules in place. It would be premature to have discussions now, but with the financial discipline we are using, also thanks to strong ownership, we are sure we will arrive at the right path comply with UEFA rules.”

On the European Super League: “For over 10 years we have been hearing speculation about the Super League. However, the main function of the world of football is on the development of existing international competitions.

“But there are no proposals that can lead to a break with the leagues. Milan is playing an active role in the development of competitions and we are an important interlocutor at the level of ECA, UEFA, FIFA and Lega Serie A.”

On the winter market: “We are going through a positive moment, but the path is still long and challenging. The club has a strong ownership behind them who has faith.

“We have a clear strategy: to sign some of the best talent in the world and make them grow with us. The summer transfer window has just closed and we are very satisfied. The sports management led by Paolo Maldini is already preparing for the winter window and we are confident.”

“The world of football has recognised, even before COVID, that a more stable market would benefit everyone: clubs, players, agents and intermediaries. Personally I have always worked hard to bring order and stability and I will continue to doing it for the benefit of the world of football, both in Italy and internationally.”

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