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Secrets and Whispers: Verónica Boquete quarantining ahead of a reported move to AC Milan

There’s something happening here ...

OL Reign v Utah Royals FC

Verónica Boquete’s apparent move to AC Milan seems to have moved past the negotiation stage and is now becoming a real thing.

According to the ever-reliable Cartellino Rosa, Veró is in Milan and is undergoing a mandatory two-week quarantine before she’s set to be unveiled by the club.

If this is true, then that means that she’s found an agreement with the team and is set to become their newest player.

Prior to Boquete’s reported departure to the city, we had received a small clue that she was ready to begin a new adventure.

The clue came courtesy of SG Elite, a physiotherapy clinic in Madrid. After helping Boquete recover from an ankle injury, the clinic apparently gave her well-wishes for her next project.

Whether that next project will be in Italy remains yet to be seen. It’s also worth noting that they called the Utah Royals FC her ‘last team’, which seems to indicate that she will be moving on from them.

We won’t know whether this is true or not until Veró’s quarantine period ends, which will approximately be two weeks from now.

In the meanwhile, stay tuned and more importantly, keep those fingers crossed.