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Rossoneri Round Up for Oct 24: AC Milan Primavera Suspend Activities After Registering Several Coronavirus Cases

Summary of Milan’s news for the day and links.

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AC Milan

Europe is currently being hit by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, in Italy the cases have been on the rise and football is not immune. Milan's first team has had a few cases but most have recovered or are on the road to recovery. Now the youth team seem to be in a tough spot as they have several positive tests leading the club to suspend all activities for about a week and a half. This measure could be key to act as a circuit breaker amongst the squad. Th official club announcement for AC Milan's website reads:

AC Milan announces that, following a series of Covid-19 positive results, all activities related to the Youth Sector are suspended until Monday 2 November. The local health authorities have been informed.”

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