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Secrets and Whispers: Verónica Boquete is reportedly in advanced talks to join AC Milan

Oh, it’s no big deal guys. It’s just that one of the greatest players of all time might be joining the Rossonere. No big deal at all.

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2020 NWSL Challenge Cup - Quarterfinals Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

As was reported earlier, AC Milan had expressed interest in acquiring the midfield wizard known as Verónica Boquete. She was supposed to be Maurizio Ganz’s second big coup of the summer mercato.

Well, for whatever reason, the Big Coup didn’t come for Ganz. Though Milan had expressed interest in Vero, they didn’t make a move for her back then.

Instead, they waited. They waited like a [insert a clichéd metaphor about some wild beast stalking its prey in the Sahara Desert].

Well lo and behold, waiting turned out to be quite a good idea. The Utah Royals FC (Boquete’s team) found themselves in the middle of a giant dumpster fire, after their former owner, Dell Loy Hansen, turned out to be a gigantic racist.

The rot is also, apparently, quite deep within the Utah Soccer Holdings organization. With this in mind, it is quite understandable why one would want to remove themselves from such a toxic environment.

Fortunately for Vero, Milan seems to have offered her a way out. According to Cartellino Rosa, Milan are reportedly in advanced talks to sign the Spanish midfielder. If this is true, then not only would that be very, very awesome, but it also would raise the team up to another level.

If the Rossonere were to succeed in signing the midfielder, then that would enhance the overall quality of the squad. Verónica’s combination of guile, talent, and genius is so immense that we cannot do it justice within a few, short sentences. Rather it would require an entirely separate article to explain just how she would raise the Rossonere’s whole game (and one will be written, should she sign for us).

For now, what we can say is that if Vero signs for Milan, then that would make the team instant contenders in Serie A Femminile. It will not only give them what they need to finally qualify for the Champions League, but it might also give them what they need to win the Scudetto as well.

The negotiations between Milan and Vero are reportedly in the advanced stages. And if the rumors are to be believed, then Boquete will be in the city within a few weeks. She might even suit up for the team shortly after she’s signed and after her quarantine period ends.

However, it’s more likely that she’ll play her first game for Milan in January. Her first appearance in red and black might come against the Viola of Fiorentina in the Supercoppa Femminile.

More details about Verónica’s rumored move to Milan will be revealed within the upcoming days.

It is also worth noting that Vero has appeared to have given her salutations to the Royals on Instagram.

Her post is rather cryptic and doesn’t give any definitive answers. However, many are taking the post as a sign that she has said goodbye to the Utah Royals (especially given the reaction from the team’s players and the team itself in the comments).

(The post was also liked by Natasha Dowie and Julia Šimić too.)

And maybe, just maybe, she’ll be heading to Italy soon.

So for now, stay tuned and hang tight. Make sure you also light those candles and make ritualistic sacrifices to the specific Gods that will help this deal goes through.

But more importantly, be prepared to get very, very excited.