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AC Milan Could Be A Part Of The New Proposed European Super League

This is an odd proposal given the times and seems largely detrimental to football in general.

El Espanol

Sky Sports are reporting that a number of football clubs from across Europe are in talks to form a 'Super League’ which will be a competition for about 12-18 clubs from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain backed by a 5 billion euro financing package. AC Milan, Juventus and Inter Milan are expected to be the Italian representatives in the tournament.

Calcio Mercato are reporting that an official announcement on the plans could come as soon as next month. UEFA reportedly strongly oppose the European Super League. There are reports suggesting that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has led the way to set up a 6 billion euros funding package from bankers JP Morgan.

Sempre Milan are adding that the significance to AC Milan is that the Super League would provide an easy way for the club to get back into a tournament with a lucrative TV rights and advertising potential to boost the revenue of the side.