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AC Milan Technical Director Paolo Maldini Discusses Contract Renewals

The focus is Donnarumma and Calhanoglu for the moment.

Torino FC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Stefano Guidi/Getty Images

AC Milan technical director Paolo Maldini spoke to the press via and discussed the renewals of a number of key players.

On the renewal of Donnarumma: “We will talk about it, he is not the only one, Calhanoglu is also there, we will also have Ibra. These are things that we will have to face, we are already facing. We have not had a moment to disconnect, these are things that will concern us, their agents and the players themselves. Milan have a duty to try to keep them, it’s a negotiation, both parties need to be happy, we hope that’s the way it is.”

On stability: “We have given some stability to the work done, the young people have grown up, the coach is the same, the results have helped the maturation. We don’t think we have reached our maximum, we know we are not the strongest, but we’re a team. It’s the thing that distinguishes us the most at the moment.”

On the gap with the other teams: “Last season was strange, the points gap increased compared to the previous season (2018-19) but we feel much closer to the other teams, it is a belief that we have, supported by the good games of the last five months.”