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AC Milan Need To Focus On Key Renewals For Centre Back and Central Midfielder

The duo are key parts of the squad and need to be renewed sooner rather than later.

Soccer Serie A, SSC Napoli v Milan Photo by BSR Agency/Getty Images are reporting that AC Milan are prioritising the contract renewals of Gianluigi Donnarumma and Hakan Calhanoglu at the current moment but are not losing sight of two vital renewals for Franck Kessie and Alessio Romagnoli which both expire in June 2022. Kessie currently earns 2.2 million euros at the club and has been with Milan since 2017/18. He has been one of the most consistently used players in the past three seasons and has developed a strong partnership with fellow African star Ismael Bennacer at the centre of the park. Romagnoli meanwhile earns 3.5 million euros a year and is represented by Mino Raiola. The centre back is the Captain of the squad and a core part of the program and his renewal will be important for the morale of the squad.

Kessie will likely need about 3 million euros to renew whilst Romagnoli will reportedly ask for 5 million euros. These renewals should be closed this season to avoid the last minute stress that the Calhanoglu and Donnarumma renewals are presenting.