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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Medicals Complete: Here’s a Look at What the Veteran Striker Brings to AC Milan

Milan have finally recaptured the services of Ibrahimovic after 9 years away, here's a preview of what to expect.

Sporting Kansas City v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Michael Janosz/ISI Photos/Getty Images

AC Milan have completed the re-signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic on a bosman for a 6 month period with an option to extend for 12 months if he achieves particular personal goals. Here's a look at what the veteran striker brings to Milan:

Optimism and Hype

The biggest impact from the arrival of the Swede will be his global following, a sense of optimism around his return and lots of hype and attention from the media. This will undoubtedly support Milan’s development as the club has become a bit of an afterthought for headlines regarding Serie A in the past few seasons unless it was another lazy comparison to our past. The fans are likely to buy more tickets, buy Ibrahimovic jerseys and his presence will help negotiate commercial deals given his huge following and the value of his brand. Thus from a commercial standpoint, Ibrahimovic will make a huge impact on the team whether he stays for 6 or 18 months.

Attacking Experience

Ibrahimovic will likely bring the impact that Milan fans thought Higuain would have last season. He will bring experience and level headedness to the no. 9 spot where he will be expected to at least double Piatek’s measly 4 goals in half the season. Ibrahimovic as states in his press conference will leverage his technical skills and command of the game to overcome any physical deficiencies thus rely less on pace and more on finishing. His movement of the ball, ability to find space and most importantly his skill for conversion will be crucial as Milan look to desperately salvage the season.

Confidence In The Locker Room

Ibrahimovic is back at Milan to change the attitudes of the current crop, to act as a leader and to demonstrate how to play with heart. Ibrahimovic has won almost every single title he’s played in except for the elusive Champions League title and has won with Milan before thus has a lot to teach the young squad about a winning mentality. Having him on the squad will give Milan an edge because of his reputation and his unpredictability in front of goal, moreover, his ability to intimidate opponents will be useful against smaller teams who will be impacted by his stature.


One word that can almost perfectly describe what Ibrahimovic brings is Impact. Everywhere he has played in the past decade from winning the league at Milan, breaking records at PSG, winning the Europa League with Manchester United and scoring freely with LA Galaxy; he has been impactful. His first goal for LA Galaxy was a rocket from about the halfway line and he advertises his successes like no other footballer, Milan need this kind of energy right now. Milan will be expecting Ibrahimovic to score late winners, put on a show and hit back at the current top 4 over the next six months and let’s hope he delivers.

Hold Up Play

One of the reasons Ibrahimovic was loved by Milan fans during his stint with the club and missed dearly when he left was his ability to bring the best out of his teammates and bring them into the game. The two best examples are Boateng and Nocerino who both enjoyed some of their best footballing playing alongside the Swede and largely playing off him. This chemistry between teammates has been severely lacking and if Ibrahimovic can develop some flow with any of the wingers or midfielders, we will be in for a treat. My bet is Calhanoglu and Paquetá over-performing under Ibrahimovic. (If Paquetá leaves, I’ll go for Kessié scoring five in-play goals).


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