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Happy Birthday, Valentina Giacinti

Post is a day late, but not a buck short, mainly because some people have to take the time to recover from 11 hour shifts and to find the time to write in-between them.

TOPSHOT-FBL-WC-2019-WOMEN-MATCH43-ITA-CHN Photo credit should read BORIS HORVAT/AFP via Getty Images

Valentina Giacinti, our intrepid and resplendent captain, turned 26 on Thursday. Born the day after New Year’s Day, it’s fitting that she would be born the day after we celebrate the end of one era, and herald the new beginning that has arisen in its wake.

And to celebrate this monumental occasion for her, here’s a few of the things that made us love Vale, and are also why we continue to love her as well.

Winning that free kick against Australia

And looking really good while doing so.

And by now, you should know what happens next. But in case your memory needs refreshing, then you can view the beautiful culmination of this sequence of events here.

That Goal. You know the one.

It was, you know. It was the one against China. And it was rather magnificent too.

Bonus points for the way she celebrated with the other Valentina (Bergamaschi) as well.

That Other Goal

This time, it was poor Roma who were at the end of Valentina’s sword, as she put them to rest with this late strike near the end. It was also quite the magnificent way to start the season too.

She doesn’t take any guff from anyone

Italy vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
Italy NT

She’s a real mensch

Vale spent her Christmas in South Africa with fellow Milan player, Refiloe Jane. They were there to promote Refiloe’s charity, which is the Refiloe Jane Foundation.


While a little ‘me time’ for footballers is always warranted (in light of their hectic and sometimes grueling schedules), it’s nice to see Vale and Refiloe spent their vacation helping out others instead.

And for that, they both deserve to be commended for this.

She’s great with kids


She has a cute dog


And she gives the best hugs to her teammates too

AC Milan

So there you have it. All of the reasons why we love Valentina Giacinti.

In addition to this, let’s also not forget how she was the only current Milan player to have been honored at the Gran Galà del Calcio, and how she rebuffed Real Madrid just to stay in Italy, and to become our captain.

Happy belated birthday, Valentina.

Now go ahead and buss down, Tarthiana.

You’ve got many reasons to celebrate, and will have many more in the days to come.

Thanks for everything, Vale.

Italy v China: Round Of 16 - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France Photo by Zhizhao Wu/Getty Images