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LEAKED: AC Milan 2020/21 Shirt Design Will Feature Emboss From The Duomo

Milan's kit for 2020/21 will follow the Puma renaissance template of embossing classic Italian patterns on the shirt.


FootyHeadlines have come through with yet another leak of the AC Milan shirt for the upcoming season. The reliable source who have correctly leaked at least kits are back at it for 2020/21 showing Puma continuing the renaissance design template onto the Milan shirts in a similar fashion to the Italy releases this year. The report states that the Milan kit will be embossed by a print of the iconic floors of the Duomo di Milano. See the images below or here for the design leak.

Milan will return to the thicker stripes for the 2020/21 season and will still feature Fly Emirates as the shirt sponsor as Milan reportedly reached an agreement to extend the partnership with the UAE airline as we reported here. Milan are also expected to launch a special edition kit as part of a collaboration between Puma x BALR as leaked by FootyHeadlines as well reported by us here.

Italy Portrait Session Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Milan Captain Alessio Romagnoli has already donned one of Puma's renaissance style kits for Italy this past year (see above) and will likely wear the same for Milan before the end of the season when the shirt is previewed ahead of it's release.