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AC Milan Defender Is Set To Return To Atalanta On An 18 Month Loan

Caldara has struggled for fitness, confidence and a chance at Milan; our hope for an upgrade flops again.

AC Milan v SS Lazio - TIM Cup Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Mattia Caldara will be exiting AC Milan with a bucket of failed promises and lost hope for Milanisti. Caldara was pipped to be the top prospect at centre back and the ideal partner for Alessio Romagnoli a season and a half ago when Milan went to lengths to acquire him from Juventus whilst sending Leonardo Bonucci in the opposite direction. Caldara played only two games in his first season with two excruciating injuries and has not been able to make a strong impression on the management hence they are looking to ship him off.

Reports from indicate that Caldara will return to his former club Atalanta on an 18 month loan with an option to purchase for only 15 million euros. Milan have lost another big sum on a prospect who flopped at the club, as have most investments in recent years. Maldini and Boban have done well to get rid off a significant wage for a player who is not contributing and will hopefully recuperate something as opposed to letting him rot on the bench. Milan will also reportedly get a percentage of any future sale of the player. The deal seems all but done but raises the question of who Romagnoli's long term partner will be?