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Devil Wears Rossonero Podcast Episode 19: Brescia, Rebic, Transfer Window, and Lukaku

The guys break down Milan’s first win of the season, and much, much more.

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Pat and Tim are back with the latest AC Milan news and analysis! The guys break down Milan’s first 2019/2020 win against Brescia and the latest addition to the Rossoneri: Ante Rebic. The guys also wrap-up and grade the transfer window and break down Lukaku getting racially abused by Cagliari fans, and the Inter Ultras’ shocking response to the racist chants.

4:20 - Brescia Recap

10:45 - Brescia Takeaways

22:05 - Questions about the Squad

32:03 - Rebic to Milan

39:55 - Andre Silva Out

47:05 - Transfer Window Grades

1:01:30 - Rossoneri in International Break

1:08:17 - Inter Ultras Condoning Racism = Bad

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