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Milan Player Ratings: Fiorentina 3-1 Milan

Complete disaster class by this Milan team

AC Milan v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

You thought Milan were bad well guess what they got a whole lot worse since their match against Torino. Milan were up against Fiorentina and their former manager Vincenzo Montella. During the first five minutes Milan didn't look too bad. Then everything went downhill. As per usual Milan looked slow and sloppy. Just twelve minutes in Hakan Calhanoglu gifted the ball to Fiorentina and it led to a penalty. The flood gates then opened and Fiorentina was all over Milan. At half Milan were down 1-0.

Coming out of the second half Milan actually looked worse surprisingly. Matteo Musacchio got a red card early for a reckless challenge and Milan were now down to ten men. In the 66th minute Milan gave up a brutal goal and at that point I had enough and frankly stopped watching. I decided to turn the game back on just in time to see Rafael Leao’s beautiful solo effort. After 90 minutes it was 3-1 Fiorentina.

Now let’s look at these awful AC Milan player ratings. Let out all your sadness in the comment below.


Gianluigi Donnarumma: Time and time again Donnarumma saves this club and he is worth all the money that Milan gives him no question. If he wasn't in goal this would have been even uglier. 6/10

Davide Calabria: Calabria like almost everyone else on this team didn't come to play. He was mediocre on both sides on the ball. 3.5/10

Matteo Musacchio: As per usual Musacchio was terrible. He continues to be reckless and that red card was where Milan really began to unravel. 2.5/10

Alessio Romagnoli: Romagnoli was not excluded in this terrible play. He was also surprisingly terrible. He and Musacchio were constantly torn up by the duo of Cheisa and Ribery. 3.5/10

Theo Hernandez: After showing good promise in previous performances Hernandez fell flat on his face. Yes he did get forward but he didn't do anything while he was forward. Defensively he continuously got torched by Cheisa. 3/10

Franck Kessie: Kessie was a ghost in this match. He stopped making his attacking runs and allowed a lot of space which Fiorentina exploited easily. However I do not believe Kessie was the one who deserved to be subbed out at half. 3.5/ 10

Ismael Bennacer: This was a match to forget by Bennacer. He was the one who tripped Cheisa in the box but he was not completely at fault. Numerous times Bennacer gave the ball away too easily. 3/10

Hakan Calhanoglu: This was a complete disaster from Calhanoglu. He was the one who had a poor back pass which led to the Fiorentina penalty. Just complete garbage. 2/10

Suso: Like Kessie Suso was a ghost and his one trick of cutting in was completely stopped by the Fiorentina defence. With Suso on the ball the pace and movement of the team is brought down. 3.5/10

Krzysztof Piatek: Piatek continues to struggle with Giampaolo at the helm. He doesn't get any service and when he is on the ball he looks out of place. Piatek should be given a rest and Leao should step in his place. 2.5/10

Rafael Leao: Another bright spot in a sea of darkness for Milan. Leao continues to shine with his pace and technical ability. Leao’s solo effort is what Milan have been missing for years but sadly it wasn't enough. 6/10


Rade Krunic: Krunic was surprisingly subbed on for Franck Kessie at the half. Krunic didn't get much time to prove what he could do as Milan went down to 10 men so we could not see Krunic’s capabilities. 4/10

Leo Duarte: Duarte came on and didn't play that terrible in my opinion. Maybe Duarte should be given a chance to play over Musacchio. 4/10

Samu Castillejo: Full transparency I didn't watch much of the game after Fiorentina’s second goal so I didn't see much of Samu but I can assume his play was not spectacular. N/A