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Rossoneri Round-Up for Sept 27: Milan Unable to Escape the Torino Curse with Late 2-1 Loss

Summary of Milan’s new for the day and links.

Torino FC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Stefano Guidi/Getty Images

Milan haven't won a game in Turin since 2012 against neither Juveuntus nor Torino. Giampaolo has never beaten Walter Mazzarri in his time in Serie A. Neither of the curses were overcome by Milan on Thursday night as they lost 2-1 with a late brace from Andrea Belotti.

Milan took the lead in the first half with a Piatek penalty but then failed to capitalise on a number of occasions. Torino hit back hard after the 70th minute and demonstrated the importance of putting games to bed. Giampaolo's side did much better with the new signings but mental fragility lost the tie.

AC Milan and Italian Football Links

World Football Links

  • Barcelona have been fined only £265 after being found guilty of tapping up Antoine Griezmann. [Sky Sports]
  • Controversy in voting for FIFA's 'The Best’ awards. [BBC]
  • Alcohol to be subsidised and more available at Qatar World Cup in 2022. [The Guardian]
  • Neymar has had a busy year or so on the legal front. [Super Sport]
  • Sevilla throw away 2 goal lead to lose 3-2 against Eibar. [Sports Illustrated]