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Devil Wears Rossonero Podcast Episode 18: Reaction and Recap from Udinese

Pat and Tim rage, react, and break down Milan’s 1-0 season-opening loss to Udinese.

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Patrick and Tim discuss Milan’s season-opening loss to Udinese. What went wrong with the Starting XI? Is the system right, or does it need to change? The guys also talk transfers and look forward to the match against Brescia.

0:00 - Previously...

1:08 - Opening Rant

5:20 - Udinese Takeaways

6:50 - Disappointment in the Roster

11:00 - Starting XI

13:40 - Should Giampaolo Change?

24:27 - Poor Performances

36:40 - Piatek’s Dive

40:25 - Should Milan have had a PK/ VAR Rant

57:10 - Correa Update

1:00:54 - Everton to Milan?

1:05:20 - Demiral to Milan?

1:14:21 - Brescia Preview

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