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Devil Wears Rossonero Podcast Episode 17: AC Milan Season Breakdown, Udinese Preview

Patrick is joined by Robbie DeLorenzo to preview Milan’s season opener and potential starting XI.

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Patrick (@Stoll_P) is joined by AC Milan Offside writer Robbie DeLorenzo (@Robbie_D98) to preview AC Milan’s season and breakdown the roster and potential starting XI for AC Milan’s season opener against Udinese.

3:30 - This season’s expectations

9:14 - New squad members

16:45 - Ideal Starting XI

19:59 - Starting XI Breakdown

27:03 - Giampaolo’s Starter Comments

29:25 - Reported Starting XI

43:15 - Onto Udinese

45:24 - Kessie In/Out

52:10 - Udinese Preview

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