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Devil Wears Rossonero Podcast Episode 16: Serie A 2019 Season Preview

Pat and Tim are joined by special guest Peter Coiley to look at the 2019 Serie A season.

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Tim and Pat are back with the latest AC Milan news and analysis! The guys take a look at Serie A in their annual season preview, and are joined by special guest Peter Coiley of The AC Milan Offside. Who will finish in a Champions League Spot? Who will get relegated? Who is your top scorer, MVP, and manager of the year?

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2:05 - Listener Comments!

5:00 - Winner of Serie A

13:50 - Can Inter Win Serie A?

21:50 - 2nd Place

27:00 - 3rd Place

32:30 - The Story of Atalanta

34:45 - 4th Place

43:20 - 5th Place

50:55 - 6th Place

55:00 - 7th Place

1:00:55 - Bottom 3

1:06:20 - Top Scorer, MVP, Manager of the Year

1:14:24 - Milan Season Hot Takes