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Exclusion from Europa League might not be that bad after all

This agreement could be the best thing for Milan

AC Milan Sporting Strategy & Development Director Paolo... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

Finally the saga between AC Milan and UEFA is over and the two parties have reached an agreement that sees Milan excluded from Europa League next season. To have a better understanding of how Milan got here and what rules they violated from UEFA read Muqqaddam Malik’s article. Now what does this exclusion from the Europa League mean? Sure it will be disappointing to not see Milan in any European competition but this could be very helpful in the long run.

Cons of the Europa League ban

Aside from not seeing our beloved team in Europe for another season this ban also excludes another revenue stream for Milan. Yes Europa League isn't the biggest competition and some say that it is a joke but this doesn't mean that it can't make money for clubs. Playing in another competition would have afforded Milan a bigger budget to spend on the current transfer window and if they made it far enough it could get them an opportunity to qualify for Champions League. Of course I'm not saying Milan could win it all but there is always that chance as we don't know how this squad can perform under Giampaolo.

Another downside of this exclusion from Europa League is it doesn't allow Milan to give European experience to their players. Many players on this Milan squad are young and have very little experience playing in European tournaments. Potential pillars of the club like Romagnoli, Piatek and Paqueta have little to no European experience. Playing in a tournament such as the Europa League would help in this aspect and it could prepare them for a bigger stage in the future.

Now lets look on the bright side

Reaching an agreement with UEFA to have a 1 year ban from European competition might actually be a blessing in disguise for Milan. One massive benefit of finally coming to this agreement is that UEFA will now be off the back of Milan. In the years since Milan violated financial fair play rules UEFA has been breathing down the neck of the club. Now that this agreement has been reached Milan will have a bit of breathing room to operate during this transfer window. Reports have suggested that this agreement has given Milan freedom in what moves they can now make.

Secondly, an exclusion from European competition takes a bit of pressure off new coach Giampaolo and it grants him more time to implement his system. If Milan were included in the Europa league Giampaolo’s team would have to play 2 potential games a week and at times travel to venues that are less than favourable. Competing in this competition would not give Giampaolo much time to teach the players his tactics. This is Giampaolo's first attempt at a bigger club and it will surely take time to adjust. With a less hectic schedule Giampaolo is now afforded time to transition and make Milan perform at the highest level.

Lastly, Milan can purely focus on finishing top 4 in Serie A and qualifying for Champions League. Milan will not need to worry about traveling mid week just to face lower level clubs. Many other top teams in Italy such as Juventus, Inter Milan and Roma will have to worry about a gruelling schedule by competing in European competitions and Serie A. This affords Milan a luxury of putting their best players on the pitch and not having to worry about their fitness, fatigue or injury. It is absolutely possible that this agreement and exclusion from Europa league could set Milan on the right track and bring them back to competing in European football.

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