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What to do with the San Siro?

Is it right to demolish the current stadium or should we leave it standing?

San Siro
San Siro
Daniel Chesterton /Insidefoto

The two Milan clubs, AC Milan and FC Internazionale, are currently proposing the construction of a new stadium of about 60,000 seats, with a total cost of 1.2 billion euros. The project involves the construction of the new stadium in the same area where the Scala of Football, the Giuseppe Meazza, is currently located, i.e. in the San Siro area. To do this, since there is not much space available, it would be necessary to demolish the current arena. From this decision, many controversies arise. Many fans and the political class are both opposed to the demolition of the historic Giuseppe Meazza given the achievements that the Rossoneri and Nerazzurri have made within it throughout this time.

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Its demolition is expected after 2026 because in that year there will be the Winter Olympics hosted by Milan and Cortina. So the question arises spontaneously, is it right to knock down the temple of Italian football to make room for the new stadium owned by the two teams in Milan? It should be remembered that the current home ground is owned by the municipality, so it will be up to the municipality of Milan to make the final decision. However, it should be borne in mind that the construction of a stadium is necessary for the growth and sustainability of Milan football. Without a club-owned stadium it is unthinkable for AC Milan and Inter Milan to compete on equal terms with the rest of the big European teams, as is currently happening.

If it were possible to build the new construction in another area of Milan that is easy for the public to access, then it would also be desirable to leave the Meazza standing, but if the only feasible option, as it seems to be, is to do it in San Siro, then all that remains to be done is to knock down the glorious stadium in Milan. Surely it will be painful for all the fans of both Milan teams, and not just for fans of those teams, but all Italian fans.

It will be a great loss for Italian football, but if you want to return to the glories of the past then you have to make drastic decisions like these, no matter how painful. In addition, maintaining a stadium where no team plays would prove to be a very high cost for the city of Milan, so keeping it up would be a great economic effort for the citizens. Even the great Wembley, the Empire Stadium as it was known, the temple of English football was demolished to make room for a new stadium.

At first, the English may not have taken it well, but over time they have accepted the loss of one of the symbols of football. The same goes for Atlético Madrid, when they left the Calderon to enter the Wanda Metropolitano, one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world. Those who want to continue to remain at high levels and aspire to the victory of important trophies can only renew themselves continuously, and Milan and Inter have already lost too much time and the fact their biggest rival, Juventus, has taken advantage of this by dominating the Serie A in the last 8 years. There is no more time to lose, the new home must be built as soon as possible, whatever it takes to restore Milan as the capital of Italian football. The two new owners, one American and the other Chinese, are trying to raise the fortunes of their respective clubs, and the new stadium will certainly be crucial. Goodbye San Siro!