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Lucas Torreira sounds unhappy in London, could a return to Serie A mean that he’s headed to Milan?

Former Sampdoria midfielder is linked with a move to back to Italy

Chelsea v Arsenal - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

It seems that AC Milan have been linked to over a dozen midfielders during the summer transfer window. The latest link comes from London, as Arsenal midfielder Lucas Torreira seems unhappy in England and might be willing to consider a return to Italy. Torreira moved to Arsenal last summer from Sampdoria after playing well in the World Cup for Uruguay.

Torreira told Uruguayan outlet Ovacion:

I don’t know if there are many things that I enjoy.

The language [barrier] has stopped me being able to relate with my team-mates and with the people. It is very difficult when you can’t have dialogue.

And so is the climate. You go out in the morning and it is cloudy; you arrive late to your home and it is cloudy.

It is strange a little bit, we are accustomed to always having the sun, or almost always. But as the years pass, I’m going to be adapting.

Torreira was a big-money signing for Arsenal last summer, and the Uruguay international midfielder had an impressive season in North London. But if he’s unhappy in England, and perhaps homesick for a little sun and warm weather, then maybe he is a candidate to head back to Italy and a move to Milan.

Milan have been linked to a number of midfielders, however, and any fee that Torreira would command would certainly be a lot more than what Milan have been linked with paying or appear ready to pay for anyone, even for a solid defensive midfielder such as Torreira. This could just be idle speculation, or there could be fire beyond this smoke. Either way, it would be an ambitious move for Milan, given the rumors of financial constraints because of past spending sins.

What do you think? Would Arsenal be ready to part with Torreira? And even if they were, would Milan be able to tempt Torreira back to Italy? Let us know in the comments!