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Milan Player Ratings: Torino 2-0 Milan

Another dismal performance could make Milan miss out on Champions League

Torino FC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

This match against Torino was vital in AC Milan’s pursuit of a Champions league spot. Coming into the game Milan knew they needed a win to bolster their opportunity to reach fourth place. However like previous weeks Milan put on a disgraceful performance. Again Gattuso comes into the game with no tactics leaving the players vulnerable on the field. To go along with that Gattuso made some very questionable substitutions taking off Paqueta and Suso. Many of the attitudes of the players also worsened as we saw players lose control whenever anything went wrong.

Reverting back to a 4-3-3 formation and putting Paqueta in the starting eleven should have brought more creativity to this Milan side. Gattuso also gave a surprise start to Patrick Cutrone who started ahead of Piatek. Even though I have supported Gattuso in the past because he brought the fight back to Milan, he needs to be sacked at seasons end. Milan will only see improvement with a new manager and new wingers. As for this season a Champions league spot is slipping away.

Now it is time to look at the player ratings for Milan. Make sure to comment and follow us on Twitter @SBNRossonero


Gianluigi Donnarumma: Both of the goals were not the fault of Donnarumma but he continued to make mistakes with the ball at his feet and in the air. One mistake even caused Paqueta to get a yellow card. Numerous times throughout this match he was unable to get a touch on the ball, resulting in a Torino opportunity. 5/10

Andrea Conti: Another disappointing performance from Conti in this match. He continues to struggle defensively. Conti failed to get the ball out of dangerous situations for Milan. Conti also did not bring much on the offensive side as many of his attacking runs fell flat. 5/10

Alessio Romagnoli: Like usual Romagnoli was one of the few players who had a decent performance. There isn't much else to say about his performance aside from him getting a red card late for applauding the referee after a tackle on a Torino player. 6/10

Matteo Musacchio: Many fans wanted to see Zapata to start in place of Musacchio in this match. Musacchio continually makes mistakes throughout the match and he cannot be relied on to play a mistake free 90 minutes. 5/10

Ricardo Rodriguez: Back in the starting lineup Rodriguez was one of the few players who played decent. He defended well but made his usual mistakes in coverage. Rodriguez was one of the only Milan players who actually put a solid cross into the box. 5.5/10

Franck Kessie: In this match Kessie had his usual good and bad moments. Some challenges that Kessie had were marvellous as he would dispossess Torino players with ease. On the other hand Kessie lacks quality on the ball and struggles to string together passes. 5.5/10

Tiemoue Bakayoko: Similar to Kessie, Bakayoko had his ups and downs this game. He was strong on the defensive end and he was the one Milan player who actually came close to scoring when he hit the bar off a beautiful header. 5.5/10

Lucas Paqueta: Returning from injury many fans expected Paqueta to lead Milan to a victory. To be fair he had his moments of brilliance and he brings added flair to this Milan side. However, too many times when he lost the ball his frustration showed. Still Paqueta is young and he will only continue to grow. 5.5/10

Suso: Well what is there more to say about Suso during this season. He has died off as the season has gone on. Almost every ball that Suso attempts to put in is blocked and easily defended. Another poor performance shows Milan needs more quality wingers as soon as possible. 4.5/10

Patrick Cutrone: Getting a surprise start in this match, Cutrone had a mediocre game. At times he made plays but other times the ball was taken off his foot easily. Similar to Piatek, last game Cutrone did not get much service and what can a striker do with no service. 5.5/10

Hakan Calhanoglu: Again this performance from Calhanoglu proves that he cannot start as a winger for Milan. Everything he tries he fails, even trying to string together passes. Also is it just me or does he slip on the pitch more than five time a game? 4.5/10


Krzysztof Piatek: Surprisingly Piatek did not get the start in this one. However he came on later to try and bring another attacking presence into the squad. Like many others he did not have much impact on the match as Milan failed to convert their few chances. 5.5/10

Fabio Borini: Well this substitution shocked every Milan fan watching this game. Just a poor decision from Gattuso to bring in Borini when the team is desperate for a goal Borini brought close to nothing once he came on the pitch. 5/10

Samu Castillejo: Coming on in the final 20 minutes Castillejo like many others could not muster up anything creative for Milan. At this point in the match Milan were down two nothing and there was nothing Castillejo could do. 4.5/10