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OPINION: ‘Buy Local’ Transfers to Fix Milan for the 2019/20 Season

We are heading to the summer window and I want to offer my two-cents on who I think Milan should pursue in the summer window.

ACF Fiorentina v Bologna FC - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

We are heading to the summer window and I want to offer my two cents on who I think Milan should pursue in the summer window. All the targets have played in Italy thus eliminating an adjustment period and each would be a significant improvement at a fraction of the price. Have a look at my top choices:

AC Milan have already been linked with a multitude of names, most of whom have been wingers. This clearly shows that many have identified the problem in the squad. Some of the names floating around have been Everton, Richarlison, Malcom and Chiesa. There have been a few names for LB such as Castagne and Biraghi. Lastly, there have been loads of rumours for a new manager ranging from Conte to Pochettino.

The Targets:

Tiemoue Bakayoko - 24 - CDM - €35m

Bakayoko has been incredible for Milan this season. He has adopted the regista role and has been putting in top class performances balancing his strong defensive technique with an eye for creating space and distributing the ball forward. He has been the linchpin of our midfield and should be a core part of the squad for 2019/20. Bakayoko is currently on loan with us and comes with a hefty redemption fee. He will cost Milan €35m and Milan are unlikely to get a discount from Chelsea for two reasons: firstly, he has been amazing this season thus the price tag is warranted especially given his young age and also because Chelsea have a transfer ban in place thus would keep the player as opposed to sell at a cut rate.

Stephan el Shaarawy - 26 - LW - €25-30m

Oh, how I miss Il Faraone. Our Egyptian Prince was phenomenal when he broke out in 2012 and has recently found his form at AS Roma after a tough couple of years struggling with fitness. El Shaarawy has been phenomenal for Roma stacking up 10 goals and 4 assists over the season building upon 3 seasons where he has racked up 9-10 goals. He would be a significant improvement over our current LW, he is pacey and can take on defenders. Moreover, he can hold up the ball and is great at laying the ball-off which Milan are lacking right now. He would also contribute goals in double digits which no Milan winger has been able to do in the past three seasons. Also, Milan could work out a Calhanoglu + money deal that Roma might take to support Under.

Federico Chiesa - 21 - RW - €50m

This is the controversial upgrade but one I believe is necessary. Chiesa taking over the RW spot from Suso. Chiesa has broken out at Fiorentina over the past two seasons and has been an incredible fixture in a rampant Viola attack. He has been incredible supporting the likes of Luis Muriel, Simeone and even Kalinic. Chiesa would fit in at Milan as he dominates on counter attacks, he is quick, great at dribbling and can hit a long shot. Milan need that threat. Chiesa is tricky and is great at drawing the play away from the strikers creating additional space in the box. Chiesa would be a key addition to the attack bringing qualities that have been sorely missed in Suso’s game; in particular: speed and confidence.

Sandro Tonali - 18 - CM - €15-20m

The hype around this kid is absolutely crazy. The comparisons to legends has come and gone and he only plays in Serie B, he has a huge image to live up to and he is only 18. But Tonali seems like he is worth it, he is an absolute midfield destroyer and his is gifted with a soft touch making him a technically sound and physically dominant CDM. The perfect regista for the future. Milan should snap him up now and use him as cover for both Bakayoko and Kessie, this operation could work given his love for Gattuso and his clear opportunity at Milan as opposed to any other top Italian club. Milan have lacked depth in the midfield for a while now and Tonali could potentially be a good box-to-box cover to ensure Milan can rotate Kessie deep into the season. Just a note, he has picked up 3 goals and 7 assists this season for Brescia.

The Result:

Potential Milan XI for 2019/20.

How the Squad Would Line-Up?

Let's stick to the 4-3-3 as the core formation. Chiesa and el Shaarawy would be upgrades over Calhanoglu and Suso injecting speed, dribbling and passing into the attack as well as a very real threat on goal between the pair. Cementing Bakayoko in between Paqueta and Kessie provides ample cover for the CBs and allows for effective distribution out from the back. Bakayoko's composure on the ball and his smooth ball recovery will be key in holding the midfield in Milan’s favour. Tonali plays an important role of deputising both Kessie and Bakayoko, where he has time to develop without the immediate pressure. He will be important in keeping up the midfield's intensity and adding a technical dimension to the RCM spot when Kessie is having a sloppy game.

Optionally, the manager could run with a 4-1-2-1-2 where the midfield would consist of Bakayoko (CDM), Kessie and Bonaventura (CM), Paqueta (CAM) and Piatek and Cutrone as strikers. This formation will be useful in games where there will be a midfield battle and games that require a more direct approach on goal. There would be lots of tactical flexibility with the speedy wingers and more depth in the midfield as the 3-5-2 variations would be handy.

Let me know what you think in the comments, is this nuts or genius?


Which Winger Duo Is Needed in 2019/10?

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