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Match recap and Milan Player Ratings: Lazio 1-0 Milan

Gattuso wanted an advertisement for Italian football, news flash he didn't get it

AC Milan v SS Lazio - TIM Cup Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Coming into this Coppa Italia match Milan wanted to shake off their recent poor performances. Instead they put on a tragic performance for the thousands in attendance and millions watching around the world. From the first pass AC Milan looked flat and lacked conviction. Diverting from the usual 4-3-3 formation to a 3-4-3 many hoped it would bring more attacking quality to the side. However we saw a subpar Milan side in the attacking third.

In the first 45 minutes Milan struggled to have any build up play as they would only pass it between defenders. Milan looked terrible in the first 45 minutes creating only one shot on goal and allowing Lazio to attack at will. Many hoped the squad would play better in the second half but instead they played worse. In the second half Milan again lacked any attacking presence. It is evident that AC Milan struggled on set pieces because every corner or free kick taken amounts to nothing. Lazio scored in the 58th minute off a counter attacking from a Milan corner, further solidifying that Milan can't do anything from set pieces. After 90 minutes the match finished 1-0 in favour of Lazio. Milan didn't deserve a result in this match and it will be a struggle to keep fourth place to keep a Champions League spot.

Now let us look at the individual player ratings. Make sure to share your thoughts by commenting below. Also follow us on Twitter @SBNRossonero


Pepe Reina: Reina got the start in this Coppa Italia match to allow Donnarumma to recover from injury. Surprisingly Reina was the only bright spot for Milan in this match. He continually kept Milan in the match by making outstanding saves to keep Lazio off the score sheet. 7/10

Alessio Romagnoli: Going to a three man defence didn't really alter the performance of Romagnoli. Like usual he was solid during the 90 minutes continuing his good form. 6/10

Mattia Caldara: Making his first start since September 20th in the Europa League, Caldara had an overall solid performance. After such a long absence it was nice to see that Caldara can comeback and put in solid time. 6/10

Matteo Musacchio: Another game where Musacchio proves that he is the weak link of the defence. He would be a fine squad player but I just don't see him performing at a high level for Milan. 5.5/10

Davide Calabria: Playing in a more forward position during this match, Calabria looked a tad out of place. A promising talent to be sure Calabria still has a lot of room to grow especially on the offensive side of the ball. 5.5/10

Franck Kessie: As past weeks have shown Kessie is vital to how this Milan side performs. Even though Milan played poorly it could have been worse without Kessie in the squad. However Kessie needs to improve with the ball at his feet for this Milan side to improve. 5.5/10

Tiemoue Bakayoko: This was a tough match for Bakayoko as he continued to be racially abused by many Lazio fans. Bakayoko was fine in this match defensively but like many others he struggled on the offensive end. After the match Lazio fans continued to chant racial slurs at Bakayoko. Hopefully actions are taken for these disgraceful actions by the Lazio fans. 5.5/10

Diego Laxalt: Laxalt was given an opportunity to play in his more natural position. Sadly he did not make the most of this opportunity. At many times in the match Laxalt was lost and it seemed like he was a ghost on the field. 5/10

Suso: Suso continued his string of poor performances. Suso continues to show that he does not have many tricks in his bag and once a defender figures him out there isn't much he can contribute. With few games left in the season Suso may be on his way out. 5.5/10

Krzysztof Piatek: One thing all Milan fans can agree on is that Piatek did not get any service in todays match. Piatek needs more service to contribute to the squad and it is shocking that Milan cannot provide as much service to him as Genoa did. 5.5/10

Samu Castillejo: Similar to Suso, Castillejo contributed nothing in this match. He continues to lose the ball in vital areas and he does’t do anything creative with the ball. Milan desperately need help on the wings to bring life to their attack. 5.5/10


Andrea Conti: Another surprise was the Conti did not get the start in his more natural position at wing back. Coming on for the injured Calabria, Conti didn’t bring anything special. Out of the two Conti is supposed to be the one who is more gifted on the offensive end. However we did not see much of that in this match. 5.5./10

Hakan Calhanoglu: Like the rest of the squad Calhanoglu brought next to nothing on the offensive end. Besides that there isn't much to say about his performance. Rumours have swirled that like Suso, Calhanoglu could be on his way out. 5.5/10

Patrick Cutrone: Like Piatek, Cutrone was not given many opportunities to shine. With absolutely no service Cutrone can't help the team and with two promising strikers this cannot continue. 5.5/10