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Patrick Cutrone linked with move to Tottenham Hotspur? Oh for crying out loud

Spurs don’t buy players, why would they buy Cutrone?

Atalanta BC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Oh come on now. This is just getting silly.

Tottenham Hotspur has now allegedly joined the suitors for AC Milan striker Patrick Cutrone. But there is a problem with this rumor: Spurs haven’t been buying anyone.

There are reports out that say that in addition to Torino being interested a summer move for the Italy international striker, Spurs from the English Premier League are now interested in purchasing Cutrone.

While Spurs have made moves for players from Serie A before, with the costs of building a new stadium seemingly growing every day, not to mention the cost of renting out space at Wembley while White Hart Lane is rebuilt, Spurs have gone the past two windows without buying anyone. None. Not one.

If for some reason that Tottenham does decide to finally go back on a spending spree in the summer, there are a number of positions that need to be addressed, such as midfield. As for striker, Spurs already have a great one, England’s Harry Kane. You might have heard of him.

Kane is already cemented in as the starting striker, and Patrick Cutrone isn’t going to unseat him anytime soon. Even if Kane does get rested and rotated, or has to recover from injuries, Spurs also have Heung-min Son who can play up top, and he’s a proven striker in the Premier League. And while it appears that Fernando Llorente will likely not be back after the season is over, Spurs have been linked with any number of players from the Premier League.

Cutrone won’t get into the Tottenham team ahead of Kane, and so a move because Cutrone is disgruntled about playing time would tend to rule out Spurs. As for Champions League ambitions, it’s looking ever more likely that Milan will be in next year’s competition as well.

As much as the Torino rumors about Cutrone are bunk, these “Cutrone to Spurs” rumors are even more bunk. They just don’t make any sense.