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Rumors say that Milan consider Alessio Romagnoli ‘untouchable’ and this is entirely correct

Ignore the noise, the captain isn’t going anywhere

AC Milan v Empoli - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

There have been rumors on various sites that have been saying that a number of clubs, including cash-rich clubs in the Premier League, are interested in landing AC Milan captain Alessio Romagnoli in the summer transfer window.

All of these rumors are garbage. Romagnoli isn’t going anywhere.

There are now reports saying that Romagnoli is “untouchable” for Milan, that there is no way that Milan are going to sell the captain. The story says that Romagnoli is happy at the club and he wants to play for Milan for years to come and help the club get back to being in contention for the Champions League trophy.

This is an entirely correct viewpoint from the club and the player. Milan are in pole position to get back into the Champions League and with it restoration of the reputation of the club as one of the world’s top clubs. They will also be flush with cash, as the riches of the Champions League will be showered upon the club’s management at Casa Milan.

Milan shouldn’t be a selling club, and it seems that Elliott Management don’t really want to be a selling club either, instead realizing that Milan is the kind of club that buys quality players. And while this doesn’t mean that some players won’t be sold, because they will, there is not going to be panic selling or fire sales of good players to balance the books anymore.

Romagnoli has been a rock in the back of the team, and after a rocky start to the season this defense is now one of the best in all of Europe. Selling the captain to make a quick buck create a hole in the backline is something that happened before at Milan, but it doesn’t look like it’s something that’s gonna happen now.