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AC Milan Player Ratings: Milan 0-1 Sampdoria

Another underwhelming performance from Gattuso and the boys

UC Sampdoria v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

Well there isn't a lot of good to say about this match. AC Milan came out flat and just 30 seconds in Sampdoria scored off a major mistake by Donnarumma. From that point on Milan were just horrendous and failed to convert any of the few chances they had. Even though there were a few controversial calls Milan did not deserve to win this game.

After the Milan derby and the international break Milan should have came out better but instead they were underwhelming and not creative. As suggested by many, Gattuso changed the lineup and played Castillejo on the left and Calhanoglu in the midfield. However this didn't seem to help the creativity at all as Milan barley created any chances. Another bad performance sees Milan drop points, if they want to stay in a Champions League spot they must improve immediately.

UC Sampdoria v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

Now let's look at the underwhelming performances by the players. Share your thoughts below and follow us on Twitter @SBNRossonero


Gianluigi Donnarumma: The only goal in this game came off of a Donnarumma mistake. After a string of amazing games Donnarumma made a mistake that cost AC Milan 3 points. After the error Gigio held strong and made some saves to keep Milan in the game. This game did not fall solely on Donnarumma's mistake as the rest of the team failed to show up as well. 4.5/10

Davide Calabria: Like many of the other players on the squad Calabria had a underwhelming performance. I will say Calabria was one of the players that stayed in the game and stayed active for 90 minutes. 6/10

Alessio Romagnoli: A bounce back game for Romagnoli after the disaster he had against Inter Milan. He put in a decent 90 minutes not making any errors and like every other game not letting any Sampdoria player dribble past him. 6/10

Mateo Musacchio: Similar to Romagnoli, Musacchio had a fine performance not giving many chances up to Sampdoria. There is not much else to say about Musacchio as the defence was not the problem in this match. 6/10

Ricardo Rodriguez: After a sub par performance against Inter I believed Rodriguez would bounce back against Sampdoria. Instead Rodriguez was out of sync. He is known as a specialist when crossing the ball but in this game every cross Rodriguez put in flew over everyone’s head and out of bounds. 5/10

Lucas Biglia: Coming in to replace Franck Kessie, Biglia didn't do much to impact the game. He was fine on the defensive end but did not dictate the tempo of the match. At points in the game he was non-existent in the midfield especially on the offensive end. 5/10

Hakan Calhanoglu: Coming off of a few good performances, Calhanoglu like the rest of the squad did nothing today. Being placed into the midfield alongside Bakayoko and Biglia should have allowed Calhanoglu to create chances but this did not happen. Maybe a return to the wing would be more suitable for Calhanoglu. 5/10

Tiemoue Bakayoko: Playing in Kessie’s regular position Bakayoko was allowed to go on more runs than usual. Similar to the rest of the midfield Bakayoko underperformed and didn't bring anything to the game. Aside from a run or two Bakayoko did not contribute. 5/10

Samu Castillejo: In recent weeks Castillejo has been putting in performances that showed he should be in the starting eleven. Today he got his chance and squandered it. Playing on the left wing Castillejo didn't create any chances and was a ghost at times in the game. 5/10

Krzysztof Piatek: Another game where Piatek gets absolutely no service. In this game we constantly saw 4 Sampdoria defenders around Piatek with no Milan players helping. In the one chance he had Piatek was tackled in the box with the referee going to VAR and concluding it wasn't a penalty. 4.5/10

Suso: Again Suso puts in a poor performance. This season just seems to be a low point for Suso as every game he fails to do anything for the team. If Suso continues this for the rest of the season it would be wise for Milan to start looking for other options on the wing. 5/10

UC Sampdoria v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images


Andrea Conti: Coming on early in the second half Conti was put in at right back with Calabria moving to left back. Conti was expected to create more offence but this change did not impact the game much as Conti didn't put in any quality balls. 5/10

Patrick Cutrone: Another game where Cutrone is given an opportunity to show what him and Piatek could do in a partnership. As previously stated the strikers did not get any service and had very few chances. What stuck out in this game was Cutrone’s lack of technical ability. He was unable to hold up play and was not fast enough to give chase whenever a ball was played. 4/10

Lucas Paqueta: Coming on late Paqueta was actually impressive in the small minutes he played. After this substitution the team got a shot of energy and the chances came. Paqueta came in and showed why his play making is so valuable to Milan. 6/10