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Say good-bye to the San Siro: Milan & Inter will propose a new stadium

Clubs want a new stadium to replace the San Siro

FC Internazionale v Tottenham Hotspur - UEFA Champions League Group B Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

If Inter Milan and AC Milan reportedly have their way, the San Siro might be reduced to just memories. The two clubs are set to recommend that a new stadium be built to replace the San Siro rather than go through expensive renovations.

It’s being reported that both Milan and Inter have come to an agreement about the fate of the San Siro and the desire to move to a new, modern stadium to be built at the Palazzo San Marino in an area that is now just parking lots, close to the current stadium. Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello said about the decision that, “Inter and Milan are proceeding together. We still have work to do but there is still time.”

The project is reportedly going to cost around €600 million, and the clubs would like the new project to be finished in time for the 2022-23 season. Part of the reason that the clubs want to move to a new stadium is because of the challenges involved the renovations. Both clubs would have to find a new place to play while the construction is going on, which would be a challenge since both Milan clubs would be forced to ground-share with an nearby opponent, something that would be no mean feat.

Construction delays and other shenanigans would also pop up, something that fans of English football no doubt will be familiar with, as Tottenham Hotspur has had to delay the opening of the new White Hart Lane for months, whereas the transition by their London rivals Arsenal and West Ham United went much smoother, at least in terms of getting the stadiums ready for football in a timely fashion.

Not only would renovations likely end up costing more than starting over from scratch, both clubs would likely have to pay significant rental costs on top of any cost overruns. At least by building a new stadium the clubs would still be able to play at the San Siro until a replacement is ready to go.

So does this mean the end of the iconic San Siro? Are the fans of both Milan teams ready to say goodbye to the stadium that has been around since 1926? And is it okay that both Milan teams seem determined to continue to ground-share, something that the Roman teams seem opposed to? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!