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Patrick Cutrone to Torino? Don’t make me laugh

Milan striker is going nowhere

Atalanta BC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Patrick Cutrone to Torino? Okay, sure, whatever.

Rumors started yesterday saying that Patrick Cutrone is wanted by Torino and that the AC Milan striker wants a move to increase his playing time after seeing a lot less action since Krzysztof Piatek came to Milan.

On the subject of a move away from Milan by Cutrone, teammate Davide Calabria said to Sky Sport Italia:

He’s 20, he has to stay calm.

Piatek’s doing very well. It’s hard to put him on the bench right now. Patrick’s won us many points, so his time will come.

He has to only think about working, although he’s working even harder than he did before.

Cutrone is a young striker, and he has every reason to be frustrated after not getting much playing time this year after a break-out season last year. However, Torino? For €30 million? Which leg would they be buying?

Milan are no longer in a position where they have to sell to balance the books, and selling a youth player like Cutrone seems extremely short-sighted, so it doesn’t make a ton of sense for Leonardo and the other brass at Milan to sanction any move.

Additionally, Cutrone has been “linked” with other clubs, such as Atlético Madrid, so why would he go to Torino? Cutrone knows better than anyone else that this Milan team has the chance to do something special this season and get into the Champions League and possibly lift the Coppa Italia.

All of this sounds like Cutrone’s agent is trying to get the player either a new contract or he’s unhappy with the playing time. However, Piatek is the hottest striker in Europe right now, so it’s gonna take a lot to unseat him. But every team rotates at some point, and there is no guarantee that leaving for Torino would suddenly increase this playing time, his pay, or his ability to get into the senior Italy squad.

If Cutrone wants playing time, then he needs to make Gennaro Gattuso’s choice for him by going out and scoring goals in games and working hard in practice. Rumors about interest from Torino isn’t gonna work.

Seriously, Torino?!?! Don’t make me laugh.