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Is Gonzalo Higuain’s failure at AC Milan Gennaro Gattuso’s fault?

Gonzalo Higuain is doing great with Chelsea, why didn’t he do the same with AC Milan?

Gonzalo Higuain’s time in Milan was very disappointing. The club management payed €16 million to keep him on loan. When the player’s form started to slump, AC Milan sporting director Leonardo decided the Argentine wasn’t worth investing in. Therefore, he went to Chelsea, and now he is in top form. Higuain even admitted that Maurizio Sarri knows how to get the best out of him. Comparing his current form with when he was in Milan, it is clear something was wrong with the Rossoneri, not the player.

Gonzalo Higuain succeeded in every team he played for, except AC Milan. He has a total of 117 Serie A goals, scoring 71 with Napoli, 40 with Juventus, and only eight with Milan. Now in Chelsea, he scored two goals in two Premier League appearances. Although the player himself should have done better in Milan, the coach Gennaro Gattuso needs to take some responsibility for the striker’s bad spell at the club.

Milan is the only club Higuain failed in.

On a tactical point of view, Gattuso should have known the type of striker Higuain is. The former River Plate man isn’t the best dribbler or passer, his job is to stay in front of goal and to shoot. The Milan coach likes to get the striker to be involved in the buildup play. Before signing Higuain, he should have noticed that he isn’t the striker the team needs. The same goes for Andre Silva. Gattuso didn’t know how to use him properly, he flopped in Milan. Now, Silva is doing great in Sevilla.

Higuain’s failure in Milan left a bad mark in his career. If he was used properly, he could have left a good impact on the club. Now, the Rossoneri finally found the striker they were looking for, Krzysztof Piatek. Hopefully he will become a great in Milan and will be utilized properly.