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Milan have reportedly already agreed to a summer deal for Nice winger Allan Saint-Maximin

21 year-old winger has been the subject of rumors before

SSC Napoli v OGC Nice - UEFA Champions League Qualifying Play-Offs Round: First Leg Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Yes, the silly season never really, truly ends for the “big” teams in Serie A, and that includes AC Milan.

Reports indicate that Milan have already gotten a piece of summer business done, as they’ve reportedly agreed to a deal with OGC Nice for the transfer of young winger Allan Saint-Maximin.

Saint-Maximin’s name popped up as a possibility for Milan near the end of the transfer window, but it was said that too much was left to do to get a deal done for the deal to go through last week.

If the reports are to be believed, Saint-Maximin will join Milan on a deal that would see Milan pay Nice €20 million, plus bonuses, and Saint-Maximin get a five-year deal contract that is bound to be a significant increase on the wages he is currently getting in Ligue 1.

There is just one rather large caveat to this deal: Milan has to qualify for the Champions League for the deal to remain valid. Honestly, this isn’t the worst idea in the world for Milan. Milan will have money to spend if they qualify for the Champions League and they will need depth as well. Making a transfer deal now that will depend on that future income is reasonable, for not only will they likely not need the depth in case of a Europa League appearance, they will also not have the money to spend, at least not for another winger.

So will this deal get done? Hopefully Milan wind up in the Champions League spots, and this deal can go through. At least Milan fans will be able to watch the highlight videos of Saint-Maximin and imagine what he’d look like playing at the San Siro.

What do you think? Is agreeing to a summer deal barely a week after the winter transfer window closing a good idea? And do you think the deal should be dependent on Milan qualifying for the Champions League?