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Why is anyone paying attention to Marco Fassone?

He’s still suing Milan for wrongful dismissal, but does anyone really want to talk about him anymore?

Gran Gala Del Calcio 2017 Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Oh great, Marco Fassone is in the news again. Just what AC Milan fans want to think about now, as the team is in a Champions League spot and playing brilliantly.

Fassone and Milan have a new court date as the two parties have, so far, failed to come to an agreement on his compensation after he was dismissed last summer after Elliott Management took over.

In a rational world, Fassone would be laughed out of court, as it was under his “leadership” that the club ran afoul of UEFA’s FFP rules and the business plans he submitted to UEFA might as well have been written with crayon. However, the court system and labor laws in Italy are different than they are in other places in the world.

Honestly, Fassone’s €30 million lawsuit is just an attempt to get a better deal than the €2.5 million that he was offered by Milan. Fassone is looking to get paid, and so a deal will get worked out eventually, if for no other reason than neither party really wants to go to open court.

Anyway, can we talk about the stuff on the pitch for a change? That’s been pretty fun to watch and talk about for a few weeks now.