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Rossoneri Round Up for Dec 13: AC Milan's Value Increases By 8% In The Financial Year

Summary of Milan’s new for the day and links.

Italy. Lombardy. Milan. Portello District. Casa Milan Building Photo by: De Simone Lorenzo/AGF/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

AC Milan's overall team value has risen 8% to €521 million over the last financial year despite an increasing cost of the squad compared to revenues according to Sempre Milan. Milan are ranked by KPMG as the 19th most valuable club in the world. City rivals Inter Milan have grown 41% in the past year and rose to 15th place in the ranking.

Juventus are the biggest Italian club with a valuation of €1.5 billion and grew by 19% over the past year. They currently sit in 10th place in the standings.

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