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AC Milan Have Fourth Largest Shirt Supplier Deal With Puma Trailing Marseille

AC Milan have a weak shirt deal with Puma as they range below Marseille, Dortmund and City.


A report emerged this week from KPMG Football Benchmark that compared Puma’s sponsorship deals with their various partners. The shocking revelation shows how far AC Milan have stooped and the terrible performance of the management to earn revenues as the Italy based club that is the most decorated club in Puma’s catalogue earns only the fourth largest package. Milan receive €12 million per year, €2 million behind Marseille from France.

Manchester City holds the largest deal with a staggering €73 million whilst Borussia Dortmund have just signed a new deal taking them up to €30 million per year. Milan have fallen quite far behind in recent years and their struggling finances cannot be sustained by the club’s former glory days as the team spends more and more time struggling to make a comeback to the Champions League spots.

However compared to other Serie A clubs Milan are not so bad with their shirt supplier partnership. Juventus receive €51 million per year from Adidas and are the sole client of the German company in the Italian league. AS Roma signed a poor deal with Nike in 2013 worth only €5 million per year but recently bought back the merchandising rights to attempt to boost their revenues. Inter Milan on the other hand receive slightly more with a €9 million deal with Nike.