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Tactical Review of Milan's Average Showing In A 1-0 Win Over SPAL

Milan luckily beat SPAL 1-0 from a Suso free kick but were aggressively average otherwise. Here's a review of the game:

Suso of AC Milan looks on at the end of the Serie A football... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Milan luckily beat SPAL 1-0 from a Suso free kick but were aggressively average otherwise. Here’s a review of the game:

Paqueta Lacks The Final Touch

Paqueta is skillful, he can dribble and hold up the ball, he has a wicked long shot but he does lack the intuition of when to release the ball for the final pass or strike. He has three golden opportunities against SPAL when he beat his man and created a moment of brilliance before taking it a step too far and not capitalising with a goal. The Brazil international had an amazing first half largely due to his sublime passing and his penetration of SPAL’s defence but in the second half he was blocked off and his flaws were exposed. Paqueta looks more threatening under Pioli but need that final touch to be a true threat.

Piatek Is So Frustratingly Predictable

Piatek is following a long tradition of banter era no. 9’s as he is easily isolated up front by opposition defenders. He is often cut off and stagnant throughout the game and lacks the first touch to be able to set himself up from the few balls he does get. The frustrating part of his game is the constant diving in the most ridiculous situations, Piatek has a reputation now and this will bite us in bigger games when he is branded as the boy who cried wolf. Moreover, his finishing touch has been abysmal, he had two really good chances after the ball was squared to him from the wing but both times he failed to connect with the cross. He need to be clinical.

All Sizzle, No Steak

Milan needed to win against SPAL and they did. But the game looked no different to the 1-0 victories over Brescia and Hellas Verona. Milan dominate possession and control the game but look extremely vulnerable on counter attacks and against tough strikers. Andrea Petagna looked almost destined to score every time he touched the ball. The biggest pitfall of Milan under Pioli, Giampaolo, Gattuso and even Montella is their inability to create chances consistently during the game. Milan seem lost and scared when they have the ball and players like Kessie make it worse by almost always playing the ball back. The likes of Bennacer, Calhanoglu and Paqueta are doing well to pass forward but they need confidence to hit their mark more of the time.

Suso With A Moment of Magic

Suso scored a brilliant free kick and saved Milan from blushes in Stefano Pioli’s third game in charge, however, I will not let him off the hook until he can contribute in a meaningful way consistently. His goal has probably won back a lot of his doubters and has gotten his starting spot cemented over Samu Castillejo but Suso does this every season; one flashy goal to keep us appeased followed by ten mediocre appearances. Suso needs new moves an needs better chemistry will his teammates, nothing short of his 100%^should be accepted by the fans as he has been a starter for four seasons now.

New Signings Put In Decent Shifts

Bennacer and Duarte got deserved shifts out of Pioli’s rotation against SPAL. Bennacer had a mixed game as he demonstrated his talents well, distributing the ball quickly and concisely, his defensive work was neat and his pressure was immense. Duarte was noticeably out of place at right back as he could not attack but defensively he was solid, hard on tackles, he showed some fire in a heated exchange with SPAL and demonstrated his strength. Duarte at CB was even better as he provided more solidity than Musacchio however the Argentina international is a much better passer. The two new signings were solid as their fellow summer signing Theo Hernandez had a difficult game as he was constantly shut down oin his wing as more teams focus their energy to keep him quiet.


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